Man accused of taking teen from Charlotte to Miami, forcing her into prostitution

A man is facing multiple charges after federal authorities said he took a 17-year-old girl from Charlotte to Miami and forced her into prostitution. 

According to court records, the suspect, identified as Willie Dishon Matthew Obadiah, forced the 17-year-old to engage in sex acts for cash between Feb. 28, 2019 and March 2, 2019. 

Law enforcement was contacted on March 4 by a relative of the 17-year-old girl who claimed the teen was a victim of human trafficking. Officers responded to a home in Miami where the victim was found.

The victim told officers on or about Feb. 24 she ran away from her foster home in Greensboro, North Carolina and stayed with a friend in Columbus until Feb. 28. until she was picked up by the suspect, Obadiah. 

The victim reportedly met Obadiah through Facebook and had been chatting with him on the social media website for about two weeks prior to him picking her up in Columbus. Court records show the teen said she incorrectly told Obadiah that she was 18-years-old. 

At the time of the Feb. pickup, the victim said Obadiah told her they were going on a road trip to Miami and she would just 'smoke and walk on the beach.' 

After picking up the victim, the suspect Obadiah drove her and another women known as "K.E." to a hotel in Charlotte. Obadiah reportedly told them he would be posting ads of her online for prostitution services. Obadiah told the 17-year-old that she was 'now part of his family,' according to court records.

Court records show that the victim said she was forced to conduct sexual acts with multiple men in Charlotte in exchange for money, which she was not allowed to keep and had to give to Obadiah. 

On or about March 1, Obadiah, "K.E" and the victim left for Miami. Before leaving Charlotte they were joined by five other women. On the trip to Miami, the victim says Obadiah forced her to use cocaine and had her throw away her identification card. 

While in Miami, the victim said she was again forced to have sex with men for money, court records state. It wasn't until the victim told the other women she was with her true age and that she had been sexually assaulted by Obadiah that they drove her to a relative's home in the Miami area and left her there. 

Once investigators met with the 17-year-old girl, she was able to identify Obadiah through Facebook. He was going by the name "Tonie Ahora Rocca" online. Investigators discovered that the url for this Facebook page contained the name "Dishon.Willie.18." When investigators searched for the name under the North Carolina Driver's License Database, the photograph matched a photo of Obadiah. 

If convicted, Obadiah faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 35 years in prison on human trafficking and prostitution charges.