Man and his 17 cats sue Gaston County alleging violation of civil rights

Gaston County has found itself in the middle of a cat fight. A local man is suing, and it all stems from an issue with his 17 cats.

Damon Fields and his 17 cats are listed as plaintiffs in his lawsuit against Gaston County, claiming the county violated his civil rights for taking his felines.

“Boo Loo,” “Buddy Logan,” “Girlfriend Sara” and “Sillygirl Sally” are all listed in the lawsuit.

“I would like to get all my cats back,” Damon Fields told FOX 46, “Even the ones they came and took in May. Not the babies, of course but the total 34 that I had.”

The cat fight started in early November when Animal Control showed up at his home and seized 17 cats stating they were living in deplorable conditions.

On November 14th, authorities arrested Fields and charged him with animal cruelty.

“I had emergency surgery,” Fields explained. “I was in a car wreck.”

Fields claims he couldn’t physically clean the litter boxes after his car crash.

“I didn't do anything of intent in any kind of way,” he said. “I couldn't perform due to injuries.”

When we asked if he had too many cars, Fields said “People have 12 kids. That's excessive amount.”

On top of wanting the 17 cats back, he said he also wants $2,500 for injuries and emotional damages he and his “babies” incurred.

“With the money I would get from winning the lawsuit,” he said, “I would like to build a rescue and park area in my backyard for wellness of animals.”

According to court documents, Gaston County has been boarding the cats since they seized them, and Fields owes them over $10,000 in animal shelter expenses.