Man arrested after kidnapping child, fleeing police

Credit: Rock Hill Police Department

A man was arrested in after he took a 9-month-old baby from his girlfriend's home and fled from police before crashing his car, according to the Rock Hill Police Department. 

Gabriel Ingram, 28, has been charged with kidnapping and abduction. Around 9:00 p.m. on Thursday Joslyn Peele told police that her child had been taken from her home by Ingram. Peele says her mother called her telling her what happened 

According to reports, Ingram went to the home in the 300 block of Arnold St. in Rock Hill to see the child. Peele's sister was at the house and allowed Ingram in. She says Ingram regularly visits the child, so she "didn't think anything of it." 

Peele's sister said Ingram stepped out onto the porch with the child, but when she checked outside several minutes later they were gone. Peele told police that Ingram is not the father of the child, and had no right to take the child from the home. 

Police were told that Ingram was driving a black Dodge Ram with blacked out rims. Police began investigating and searching for Ingram. 

Using cell tower pings from the service provider Sprint, detectives were able to determine Ingram's location. Several minutes later, Lancaster authorities contacted Rock Hill police saying they had found the car and tried to perform a traffic stop. 

Ingram refused to stop and the car was later found crashed. Lancaster County sheriff's deputies found Ingram with the child. He has been taken into custody and the child is safe.