Man arrested after lengthy standoff with Lancaster police

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The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office arrested a 30-year-old man Thursday following an hours long standoff with a man who barricaded himself inside his mobile home armed with a hunting rifle. 

Deputies said around 3 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 9 they observed a Jeep Cherokee known to be regularly driven by Michael Wayne Terry II on Airport Road. A deputy was familiar with the Jeep and had knowledge that the tag displayed on it was associated with another vehicle. 

The deputy turned around on the Jeep and pulled in behind it after it turned into Terry’s driveway.  Deputies said Terry got out of the Jeep and immediately began arguing about the stop. He began walking away from the deputy and put his hands into his pockets. 

According to the sheriff's office, the deputy reached for Terry to detain him, and Terry immediately ran. The deputy chased him around a couple of nearby homes before Terry doubled back to his mobile home. As the deputy dealt with a woman who walked up on the scene, Terry came out of the mobile home, got a hunting rifle out of the Jeep, and went back inside.

The deputy called for assistance, and other officers arrived and attempted unsuccessfully to get Terry to come out of the mobile home using a patrol car PA system. Additional officers, including command staff, investigators, crisis negotiators, and the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, responded and spent several hours attempting to get Terry to exit the residence peacefully. 

Deputies said Terry could be observed inside at times, and communication was made with him sporadically. He made statements indicating he might harm himself or others. Gas was deployed into the mobile home, but Terry still did not come out. 

SWAT members made entry into the mobile home but did not locate Terry. They did discover a trap door in the floor for access under the mobile home, and Terry was located suspended between the floor and the netting holding the insulation in place. He was taken into custody without incident and transported to a medical facility where he was cleared for incarceration. 

Terry is charged with resisting arrest, and pointing and presenting a firearm. He was also given a ticket for improper tag.  

“Although this incident stretched on for several hours, we are happy it ended peacefully and without injury to Mr. Terry, any citizen, or any of our officers.  The streets in this neighborhood are narrow and the homes are close to each other.  We appreciate the cooperation of nearby residents and are sorry for their inconvenience," Sheriff Barry Faile said.