Man arrested for beating neighbor's dog with paddle

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A Kings Mountain man has been arrested for severely beating a neighbor's dog with a paddle, according to Kings Mountain Police.

Orville James Sherrill Jr. was arrested Sunday for trespassing on neighbor's property and assaulting their dachshund with a wooden paddle.

Chapman's Dachshund Rescue has custody of the dog who has a broken jaw and injured eye.

"His entire face was swollen. His eye. We're worried about the left eye where there's an abrasion on the eye. But I don't think he can see out of it now," Gina Chapman with Chapman's Dachshund Rescue  said.

The owner of the dog says she witnessed the brutal attack of the dog Sunday morning. "I seen him hit George three or four times. I seen him hit him quick and shoved him back in the dog block," the owner said.

Chapman says people have been reaching out to her on social media with donations. To date she's received more than $2,000 to help pay for his medical expenses.

The owner has decided to put the dog up for adoption due to her old age and the kind of attention he now needs. She also forgives the man who beat her dog.

Sherrill was charged with a misdemeanor, second degree trespassing and felony cruelty to animals. He has been placed under a $10,000 secured bond.

Chapman's Dachsund Rescue says it'll take George 6 weeks to recover from the injuries.