Man arrested for pointing gun at Statesville flea market employee, police say

A man has been arrested for pulling a gun and confronting an individual at Sharon's Discount Flea Market, authorities said. (Statesville PD)

A man was arrested for pulling a gun and physically confronting a flea market employee in Statesville, authories said.

Chris Handy, 21, had been banned from Sharon's Discount Flea Market nearby Turnersburg Highway, police said. Despite the ban, Handy returned but this time with a gun, the police report states. He then confronted an employee, according to witnesses and the victim.

Handy pointed the gun at the worker and then left. A short time later he was taken into custody.

He is being charged with misdemeanor assault and trespassing.

Handy has a criminal history which includes larceny and misdemeanor injury.