Man arrested for Sunday homicide near Arboretum

Andrew Houston has been arrested in connection to a drug-related homicide investigation that occurred nearby the Arboretum. (CMPD)

A man has been arrested in connection to the investigation of a drug-related homicide that occurred on Sunday nearby the Arboretum, officials say.

Andrew Houston, 21, was taken into custody after detectives concluded a brief investigation.

It initially was unclear if the deceased was a homicide or a drug overdose but after an investigation it was determined to be a homicide case.

Officers responded to a complaint about a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival officers witnessed a man fleeing on foot and a brief foot chase ensued.

The person being chased on foot had taken drugs and was hallucinating, according to the police report, and they were taken into custody.

The incident took place on Arboretum View and Bon-Rhea Drive around 4:30 a.m.

When officers returned to the scene after the foot chase, a body was found.