Man attempts to gather tips on Charlotte teen's senseless murder

This man is pounding the pavement for justice. 

"Jack Logan is coming to get his man and get justice for that teenager and that teens' parent. Because it's awful hard I'm sure, waking up every day not hearing Anthony's voice."

Logan drove all the way from Greenville, South Carolina to help find 14-year-old Anthony Frazier’s killer after seeing a news report that no one had been caught.

Frazier, the son of a Kannapolis police officer, was shot and killed in Charlotte while out celebrating his birthday.

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"He played basketball, he played football and watching that video was very touching and I said that was an outstanding teenager, an outstanding kid."

His organization ‘Put Down the Guns Now Young People’ works to protect children and teens from gun violence. He said the community was on board with his mission.

"I got nothing but positive responses from all walks of life. They want someone held accountable for this teenager being murdered,” Logan said.

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Door after door he handed out flyers but go no leads. Logan said the person responsible needs to give the family closure.

"So even they can sleep at night knowing they don't have to look over their shoulder because one day that knock on that door or that doorbell's going to ring and you're going to be taken to jail. So, just go on and man up and face up to it,” he said.

Logan said he plans to come back to Charlotte soon and meet Anthony’s parents and hold a rally to help find his killer.