Man being treated for possible overdose after stealing pills from pharmacy, ingesting several

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Police tell FOX 46 Charlotte a man is being treated for a possible overdose after stealing pills from a Dallas pharmacy and ingesting several of them before authorities caught up to him. 

Investigators said around 3:15 p.m. the man went into the Walgreens located at 1000 Cherryville Hwy and showed a fake gun to the pharmacy workers. He then hopped over the counter, started stealing tons of pills and took off.

He didn't get far though: The police chief himself was next door when that 911 call came in from Walgreens workers. 

The chief and other officers quickly stopped that suspect, but when they got to him, he had pills shoved inside his mouth and was taken to the hospital to be treated for a possible overdose.

This was the talk of the small town on Tuesday. FOX 46 spoke to a woman stopping by to see if it was really true.

"God bless the person who did it, because to be that desperate is pretty bad. Pretty bad,” she said. 

It took hours for officers to pick up pills that were sprinkled from the front of the Walgreens to the next door McDonalds parking lot where the suspect was stopped. 

After the suspect's hospital visit, he will officially be charged and then at that time, his name will be released. 

There is surveillance video of the incident, and we're working with police to see if that's something they will release.

None of the workers at the Walgreens were hurt.