Man calls for tougher laws after dog killed in vicious attack

A Gaston County man says two dogs attacked his dog, pulled it right from his arms, and killed the terrier. The owner is on a mission to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to any other dogs.

Owner George Stauch is now appealing to Gaston County Commissioners for a change in animal ordinance laws, such as giving stiffer penalties on owners whose dogs run rampant and euthanizing dogs who attack other domestic animals.

“Buster was just a love bug,” said Stauch. “Just the sweetest dog you could ever imagine.”

Gaston County Board of Commissioners tell FOX 46 Charlotte they are receptive to the idea of a change in the ordinance, but it could take some time.              

Last month Buster was killed in a vicious attack in the Garnder Park neighborhood. Stauch says his dog was ripped out of his arms by two larger dogs he says were deemed dangerous by Gaston County officials.

Some neighbors are supporting Stauch’s efforts: “For it to be a vicious dog, it has to kill a human,” said Lisa Craig. “For it to be a dangerous dog, it has to kill an animal.” Craig has had her own issues with the dogs that attacked Buster.  “I miss seeing George and Buster now. I miss seeing our neighbors. It's like we're being terrorized by Kujo, you know.”

FOX 46 Charlotte has been told the dogs in this case have been either sprayed, seized, or moved all together out of the area. Stauch wants his dog’s legacy to live on and help other owners before this happens again.

“He was much more than a dog,” said Stauch. “He was a part of the community and everyone loved him.”