Man convicted of killing UNC Charlotte student in 2008 requests new trial

A Gaston County man convicted of killing a UNC Charlotte student is asking for a new trial.

Mark Carver is currently serving a life sentence for killing 20-year-old Ira Yarmolenko back in 2008. She was found strangled to death near the Catawba river. 

Carver's DNA was found on her car, but not on her body or the murder weapons. 

Carver's defense attorneys are saying he deserves a new trial because there's evidence that was not presented at his trial back in 2011.

On Tuesday, a psychiatrist who treated Carver testified about how Carver was having shoulder and wrist pain around the time of the murder.

The defense says carver suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, and seems to be indicating it would have been difficult physically for him to strangle someone. 

The psychiatrist also testified that trial attorneys never asked for his notes and he does not recall law enforcement contacting him at all about treating Carver.

The hearing to decide if Carver gets a new trial continues tomorrow.