Man dies after crashing into Gastonia animal hospital

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Investigators are working to find out what caused a man to crash into a Gastonia animal hospital. 

28-year-old Jonathan Wilson was pronounced dead after he slammed into the Eastridge Animal Hospital overnight.

“We're just devastated because its no our normal day and thinking about this family and owners of the pets and how distraught they are so it’s been rough today,” said Windy Matheson, who works with the organization.

The car, which took hours to remove, was halfway inside the building when first responders arrived on scene.

Four dogs and one cat were on the opposite side of the building when the crash took place just after midnight but they're all okay.

“Right now we know we’ve lost 20,000 in meds as far as damage to building we have no clue,” Matheson said.

A bathroom, two exam rooms and a lab were impacted.

“I did want to thank the community. They’ve stepped up come in called text sent food and condolences to the family and us so the community has been amazing,” said Matheson.

Since the crash did take place when the facility was closed, there weren't any staff members inside.

Workers here just want the victim's loved ones to know that they are in their thoughts and prayers.

“My heart is broken for you. I can’t imagine what you’re going through so we are here if they need to come talk we're here,” said Matheson.