Man gets check for I-77 insurance claim following FOX 46 story

A driver is finally getting paid nearly a year after he hit a traffic barrel on I-77. The insurance company initially turned down his claim. After our story aired in February, Liberty Mutual took a second look. Now, Brian Solly has a check in hand.

"Waited quite a bit - almost a year - to get this check. Finally got it with a little help from Fox 46."

Solly says the check is worth much than the $1,621.44 for the damage done to his vehicle.

"It had gotten to the point that it wasn't even about the money or the damage done to the car. That had been forgotten. It was a matter of principle. At some point I wanted someone to get back with me and discuss this with me. I was getting nowhere but dead ends."

Last April, Solly says he was forced to hit a traffic barrel that was in his lane in the I-77 toll lane project. He had nowhere to go. Either hit the barrel or the car in the next lane.

Solly says he filed a claim with the general contractor over the project. Sugar Creek Construction’s insurance company denied the claim. It wasn't until FOX 46 shared his story in February that he finally got paid.

“I just feel that I got paid because of the pressure. There were constant emails that were unreturned. If I had been on my own with this matter, I would have probably been going down this same road (…)

After the interview on FOX 46 and a couple of emails with Mr. Mitchell, that’s when I was able to get paid. In all honesty, I don’t believe that Sugar Creek would have been so forthcoming if I had not had the help of FOX 46 and Mr. Mitchell.”

Louis Mitchell is the Western Deputy Chief Engineer for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. In our February report, Mitchell asked drivers to reach out to him if they have not been reimbursed for their claims.

You can reach Louis Mitchell at 704-649-3990 and