Man impersonates officer to get fast food quicker

Austin, Tx (KTBC) - Austin Police said a man pretended to be a police officer in order to get through the line quicker at a McDonald's drive thru.

35-year-old Thomas Martin was arrested Wednesday for Impersonating a Public Servant.

An arrest affidavit states Martin was in line at a South Austin McDonald's drive thru in a car that looked like a standard police car. It was painted black and white, had red and blue lights and even had a number on the roof.

Restaurant employees told the man behind him to go around Martin's car because Martin was not ready to place an order, but when the driver tried to do that, Martin told him what he was doing was illegal and asked him, "Do you want to end up in the back of my car?"               

Then Martin switched on emergency lights and continued to yell things that led the other driver to believe he was a police officer.         

Martin eventually approached a drive thru window and asked for food. When a McDonald's employee told him he needed to order first, Martin put the emergency lights on again and told the employee, "Come outside and I'll take you downtown."

Austin Police said they found Martin 40 miles away in Williamson County.     

 "You never know who the next person they may stop is. I mean, it's scary to me," said Thrall Police Chief Whitney Whitworth.