Man injured after pulling fake gun on police in SWAT situation

911 calls were made by a man who police thought was holding a gun during a SWAT situation, but it turned out to be fake.

Police now say it was a replica blank-firing pistol, designed to look and sound like a real firing weapon, but one gun shop owner tells me from a distance in the moment, he doesn't blame CMPD for firing shots at the suspect. 

"This is a replica, it has a magazine, it operates, but it looks like a real gun,” said Larry Hyatt from Hyatt Guns on Wilkinson Blvd.  

CMPD says the suspect, Bobby Morgan was holding a fake firearm during a SWAT situation over the weekend. 

"From a distance, even being in the industry, it looks like a real gun,” Hyatt said.  

Larry Hyatt from Hyatt on Wilkinson Blvd. says he wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

“Police are at a real disadvantage you've got a thousandth of a second to make a decision. If you make the wrong decision the police could die,” said Hyatt.

Officers were called to the house on Winfield Dr. Saturday morning for a welfare check. When they arrived they heard shots fired inside. Those turned out to be blanks. 

"I have a gun on me, I don't have a reason to carry, but I will do something else to protect myself protect myself,” Bobby Morgan said in a 911 call. 

He had dialed 911 that night saying he would be waiting outside with his protection for police. A woman also spoke with operators.

"I need you to get a message to the police officers-- he has mental issues. Neighbors said he is shooting,” the dispatcher said.  

SWAT teams were called in when Morgan barricaded himself inside. 

Officers say he was standing in a window holding what looked like a real gun, then he came outside ignoring commands and officers opened fire. 

Hyatt believes they were justified in pulling the trigger. 

"Police are under so much pressure not to shoot, but their life is on the line,” Hyatt said. 

Three CMPD officers are now on administrative leave. As for Morgan, he’s in the hospital with injuries, but is expected to be okay. He is charged with communicating threats and after the da reviews the case, more charges could be coming.