Man leads police on cross-county chase, crashes into Gaston County home

A Gaston County family is breathing a sigh of relief knowing that the man who led police on a chase and crashed into their home is in jail.

"I felt the thing shake. Like the whole house shook. There was a loud boom," said homeowner Jamie Carroll. Carroll says she didn't know what could've made the house shake like that until she stepped outside and saw multiple police cars surrounding her home.

"It looked like smurf village outside because there was a lot of blue lights," Carroll said. 

She tells FOX 46, police had their guns drawn at the man that crashed into her home.

CMPD says they attempted to pull 25-year-old Jamarcus Crawford over in west Charlotte, but he refused to stop. Crawford ran from police, leading them straight into Carroll’s home in Gaston County.

Carroll says it was a close call for her husband.

"He was putting our phones on the charger and if the car would've come straight in instead of turning, he would've been killed,” Carroll said.

She says the experience is something that will be in the back of her mind for the rest of her life.

"It felt like last night there was an elephant on my chest because I’m breathing so hard. I’m trying to make sure everybody is ok. I'm going outside and making sure my house is ok. Once I was ‘ok, I think I can breathe now’ but I’m not sure because I am always afraid that something else is going to go wrong," Carroll said.   

Even with her home destroyed, she is thankful no one was killed.

"It could've been a lot worse, a lot worse, like I said he (God) definitely looks out," Carroll said.