Man loses $1,400 to stranger who asked to use phone

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A man is out $1,400 All because he tried to be a good person and let a stranger use his phone, thinking the man was making a call..

“It was a punch in the stomach. Just gut wrenching,” Joshua Murphy said. 

Murphy frequents the BP gas station on Mount Holly-Huntersville Rd. On Saturday around 5:00 p.m., he was walking in when a man asked for him to come over to his car.

“So I walked over there and he asked if he could use my cell phone to make a call,” said Murphy.

Trying to be a nice person, Murphy allowed the man to use it.

"I typically don’t let people use my phone, but he was adamant about it.” 

FOX 46 obtained surveillance video of the possible suspect, but blurred his face because police haven't yet spoken to him yet.

“[I] gave him my phone and stood beside the vehicle while he made the call, and the whole time he was accessing my Venmo and Cash App and transferring money to some account,” said Murphy. 

It was only after Murphy got his phone back and was getting into his own car that he noticed he was out more than $1,000.

“I noticed getting back in my vehicle that had a notification for a canceled transaction for $200 dollars, so I checked my phone checked other apps and he successfully transferred $200 through the Cash App and $1,200 through Venmo.” 

Murphy’s girlfriend posted about the incident on social media and found that the same thing has happened to several others.

“It’s like a gut punch. I mean I instantly called the bank and tried to cancel everything and tried to get in touch with the apps to stop the charges, but it was a weekend and there was no one to answer the phone.” 

Now, as police investigate, Murphy is doing his part to get results for others so the same thing doesn't happen to them. 

"Just to fair warn everybody from making the same mistake, so other people aren’t conned and get their money taken like I did.”

Police say don't ever let a stranger use your phone. If you know anything about this incident or if you've had something similar happen, you’re asked to call authorities.