Man owed tax refund from Charlotte hotel gets it following FOX 46 investigation

FOX 46 got results for a man who says he was due a refund from the motel he was staying at.

Robert Faircloth travels a lot for work, often staying at one place for months on end. Because of that, he’s well aware of a North Carolina state law stating if a person stays longer than 90 consecutive days, the hotel or motel refunds the state and occupancy tax back to the tenant.

“I've been here for 320 days,” Faircloth told FOX 46. “As far as meeting with management here, [I’ve had] no results,” he continued, “that's what prompted me to give you guys a call.”

Faircloth showed FOX 46 his bills for the duration of his stay at Suburban Extended Stay Hotel. He checked in May 14, 2018, and checked out this month, roughly 10 months later. He says he’s been taxed about $6 every day of his stay.

“This has been going on since the first 90 days,” he said, “when I started talking to him about it, and here we are 320 days in with no resolution.”

FOX 46 brought Faircloth’s gripe to hotel management to get results.

The general manager said, “I just verbally talked to him yesterday.”

The GM of Suburban Extended Stay Hotel, Nirav Patel, said he’d work to fix the discrepancy.

“We looking into it and we make it right,” he said.

Just days after FOX 46 talked to management, they refunded all taxes back to Robert Faircloth, amounting to roughly $1,600.