Man pulls gun in road rage incident captured on I-85

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Credit: WJZY

A scary road rage incident was caught on camera as a man pulled a gun on another driver on I-85.

No one was injured, but FOX 46 spoke with a witness who went on a shopping trip and captured a shooting on his cell phone. 

The video stands as a reminder: When you express road rage, you never know who is in the other car, and what they have on them. 

The cell phone video shows the two drivers swerving around each other on I-85 southbound. Eventually, the two pull off of the road near exit 26, and the driver of a silver Toyota exits his car.

That's when the driver of the grey Honda Accord pulls out a firearm and points it at the man. A witness believes the driver fired a shot at the man. 

“One moment I’m trying to get a present for my wife and next moment there is a guy pulling out a gun," the witness told FOX 46 Charlotte. “Shooting it off and they are having a road rage incident like right in front of me.”

Another passenger gets out of the Toyota as the incident is happening, but both men get back into the car after a few seconds. 

“The guy pulled next to him and started flipping him off and started swerving into him and then started break checking him.”

It happened on a crowded Friday afternoon over one of the busiest travel days of the holiday weekend. 

“There was somebody that had no clue that there was a person shooting a gun right in front of me. You could hear them honk the horn probably because we are stopped on I-85.”

The police were contacted following the incident and are now investigating. No word yet from Belmont Police if they were able to track down the drivers or if anyone is facing charges.