Man rescued from hole in Charlotte

A man was found Wednesday morning in this 7 foot hole. (MEDIC via Twitter)

Clarke Boulevard is no stranger to construction. The road is closed off and people who live here have to navigate through a shopping center to get home. They're blaming the construction project for a man who was found trapped in a seven foot hole Wednesday morning. Charlotte firefighters had to rescue Harry Cadle from the hole.

Cadle was picking up trash outside of a home when he fell into the hole. He was transported by MEDIC to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte with potentially life threatening injuries.

"I just got a call from my neighbor who says the guy who works on houses was trapped," Patty Clark, neighbor said.

Cadle also lives on Clark Boulevard. Neighbors say it could have happened to anyone.

"It doesn't surprise me because all the construction going on, you can hear it in the background. And it goes on from daylight to dark," Carol Shoemaker, neighbor said.

Clark says there were five holes left uncovered. Sources tell FOX 46 lane construction dug up the holes. We also learned they're contracted by CATS for the Blue Line Extension project.

A CATS representative tells FOX 46 they're investigating what happened to determine who is responsible for this.

"Totally irresponsible. There's no excuse for it," Clark said.

Clark says she's glad the victim was rescued, saying it could have been worse.

The occupational safety and health administration inspected the hole, they declined an interview while they investigate how hazardous the situation is for construction workers and residents.

CATS released a statement saying they're investigating the incident fully, and working in full cooperation with all authorities. CATS takes all construction safety matters seriously and holds all of its contractors responsible for the safety of the sites on which they are performing construction for any project.