Man robbed, shot at near Epicenter in uptown; suspect in custody

A night in uptown took a violent turn for one man who was just walking down the street.

A was man robbed and shot at outside the Epicenter around 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Police say the victim was jumped right near the intersection of South College St. and East Fourth St. 

"It's unsettling for sure," one man told FOX 46.

People who work and go out at the Epicenter are alarmed saying this is one of the last places they would think someone would be robbed and shot at

"It was a little surprising to me," Navondra Cooper said. 

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The victim ran after he and the suspect got into a fight, police say, but the suspect came back an hour later and fired shots at the victim.

“It's clear the second time they had an encounter he was more than willing to pull the trigger and that could be very bad so it's our recommendation not to engage suspects,” said Major Gerald Smith with CMPD.

Police have now arrested Reggie Pettus, a convicted felon, after they say he ran into the Epicenter parking garage and hid a gun. The victim never called 911 according to investigators. 

People in the area say they'll be more cautious from now on. 

“I’ll definitely be watching my shoulders, but other than that I can't change the way I live because of a shooting because that happens every day somewhere I guess,” said Cooper. 

Another neighbor told FOX 46 he would like to see more officers patrolling the Epicenter, especially in the early morning hours.