Man says driver shot at him in east Charlotte, shattering windows

A midland man says someone shot at him on a busy east Charlotte Road. His windows were shattered, and he says the shooter barely missed hitting him.

“Two bullets whizzed right by me this way right out the window,” Stefan Duncan said. 

He believes the shooter was aiming for his head. 

“As I was passing them suddenly the glass started exploding around my face.”

Duncan’s car windows shot out as he was driving down Albemarle Road in east Charlotte early Tuesday morning. He says a car cut him off, he honked at them in frustration and the next thing he knew he was being shot at. 

“Glass started hitting my face right here and there were two shots that went through.” 

He says another shot struck the inside of the car and stopped.

“The bullets hit the backseat. Where had it gone through would have hit my spine.” 

He drove off, trying to chase down the shooter, but lost track of the car. 

“He could be right behind me tomorrow and I wouldn't know it because I couldn't see the car very well, so it's kind of frightening.” 

Duncan says it could have happened to any of us. We've all been frustrated and maybe honked our horns when someone cut us off in traffic, but he says he won't ever do that again. 

“I would tell people if someone cuts in front of you or does something stupid don't honk your horn. Just let it go because you want to live another day.” 

He says you just never know what might set someone off. 

“They could have a gun or you don't know what, and could come back to you and kill you.” 

No arrests have been made at this time. If you were in this area on Albemarle Road not far from the intersection with I-485 around 6:30 Tuesday morning, and you think you have any information, give CMPD a call tonight at 704-344-1600.