Man says he was 'swatted' while live streaming on YouTube

With anyone across the world able to watch, Ernest Morton says Locust police officers showed up to his home with their guns drawn -- all over a prank.

"I felt like I died last night, but I didn't die,” Morton said. 

He believes he was ‘swatted.’ It's a growing internet prank where someone pretends to be another person and places a false call to law enforcement reporting an emergency. 

Morton says he received a call while live streaming on his YouTube page. It was 911 dispatch to local law enforcement.

He says dispatch received a call from someone claiming to be him. 

911 CALL: 

"One of the trolls called the cops saying I needed help," Morton said to his live stream viewers. "This is the law on the phone."

Morton says he later found out the caller-- pretending to be him-- said he shot his wife. He says he was told to go outside where officers were waiting. 

"I have people telling me on this side, 'get down on the ground, now!' I got other people telling me, 'keep your hands up, keep your hands up!'"

His family was left inside the house with followers watching live on YouTube. 

"We just got swatted. I am not kidding. This is stupid. Whoever is doing this you better fess up, right now," his son says in the live video

So, who called the cops? Morton says he doesn't know, but it's possible it's someone who was watching the entire time.

"Troll means there's a person in there that's trying to wreak havoc."

Eventually, Morton came back inside the house and police followed. He says he and his family were left shaken by the incident. 

Locust Police Chief Frank Hartsell did not respond to FOX 46's request for comment on Monday.

Making false 911 calls is a crime.