Man scammed by monument maker finally gets mother's grave marker

Another person who says he was scammed by a monument salesman was able to recover his mom’s tombstone.

Tyler McCollum’s mom died suddenly in August, 2016.

“She was a very church-going person. She was very outspoken, very bright, beautiful lady,” McCollum said. “She didn't deserve any of this.”

She was special, so her family wanted to get the perfect monument to mark her final resting place.

“It's a lot of money,” she said. “It's money that my mom had left for this to be taken care of, and I feel like it wasn't just a family that he messed out of this money; It was my mom, and that's disrespectful to me,” he said.

McCollum says he ordered a monument from Tunis Selby. He wrote him a check for $4,132. He says Selby cashed the check for the order, but never delivered the monument.

“He promised us it would be there by her birthday which was November 23rd,” McCollum said.

McCollum says he was getting the runaround. At first, he thought he was the only one until he saw our story on FOX 46 Charlotte.

“I found out watching y'alls story that y'all posted on the lady that had got shafted out of ten grand,” he said. “I saw the story at work that next morning and realized that it was the same name, just a different business.”

McCollum did some digging, and found out his order was sitting in the supplier’s warehouse in Georgia. It had been there since November, waiting for a final payment.

“It could have been here in time for my mom's birthday,” he said, “but foul play by Mr. Tunis. Obviously he didn't care.”

McCollum drove four hours to Georgia, and fronted another $1,800 for the remaining balance.

“There's just no reason to put anybody through more grief than they have to through a situation like this,” he said.

McCollum doesn’t think he’s going to get his money back, and says he learned a valuable lesson: never pay in full up front again.

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