Man shot, paralyzed at I-85 rest stop testifies against suspect in court

A man left paralyzed after being shot at a Cabarrus County rest stop says his five-year-old daughter thought he was dead after seeing him lying in a pool of his own blood.

That's just some of the emotional testimony he gave in court on Tuesday in the trial of one of the men charged in that shooting.

The victim, Greg McKee, told the jury he saw two men outside the rest area as he went in to the bathroom. 

He says when he came out of the stall those same men surrounded him, one pulled out a gun and shot him. 

"I made two steps. ‘bang.’ and I was on the floor. I fell so fast that I didn't even have time to pull my hands up."

Terrell Thomas is on trial in connection with the shooting. His co-defendant, Darren Manuel, who both the prosecution and defense identify as the shooter, has already pleaded guilty. 

A janitor at the rest stop also testified Tuesday that he cleaned the water fountain with bleach around 7:30 p.m. 

That night and then saw two men hanging out around the rest stop and one of them used the water fountain after he cleaned it. 

He says he saw those same men running out after the shooting. The prosecution says Terrell Thomas' fingerprints were found on the fountain. 

The defense continues to say none of the witnesses could identify Terrell Thomas as a suspect but the victim's wife testified Monday she was never actually shown a picture of Thomas in a photo line-up.

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