Man survives being hit by light rail train

It's unbelievable that someone could survive getting hit by a train, but that’s just what happened Monday around 5 a.m. near Old Pineville road south of Woodlawn Road.

Video shows firefighters carrying the man down from the light rail tracks to the ambulance shortly after the accident. Police have identified the man as 31-year-old Maurice Jones.

According to the police report, Jones is homeless and was incapacitated by drugs and alcohol when he was struck.

It's important to point out that Jones was hit by a sweeper train-- one that goes out to check for debris on the tracks before passenger trains start the day, according to CATS.

Those sweeper trains go a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. The impact left Jones with only bruises and scratches, according to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police.

Regular light rail trains can travel up to nearly three times that speed, at 55 miles per hour, CATS says.
This isn't the first time a pedestrian has been hit.

In 2018, light rail trains hit three people, killing one of them. Those accidents happened at south boulevard north near Clanton Road, the Woodlawn station and the J.W. Clay station.