Man wanted for breaking into Huntersville home, last seen wearing 'Best Buy' shirt

A man was caught on camera breaking into a Huntersville home this week, but it's what he was wearing that has people scratching their heads.

The victims, who wanted to remain anonymous, say he also got away with several sentimental items.

The man broke into a home in the 1000 block of Hambright Rd. in Huntersville around noon on Monday.

"I left the house about noon to finish errands," said the victim. "And when I came back, the door was wide open."

The suspect, captured on video, was wearing a Best Buy shirt.  He knocked on the front door several times.

"It seems very plausible it would be a good out to say that he was with Best Buy doing something," said the victim.  "But only he knows the answer to that."

The suspect peered inside the back door before covering up a camera he noticed and kicked down the door.  He took several electronic devices.

"It was mainly computers and gaming equipment," The victim said.  "It seems like they were after electronics and things easily moved and sold to another party."

But that's not all the thief got away with.  He took some irreplaceable items as well.

"Some sentimental things we have, pictures of my husband's family that we can't replace and of his dad. He's also a retired Marine and he had his scabbard in there. It's those things that are irreplaceable and there's no way to get them back again, which is sad."

The family is hoping to see their stuff again, but they're thankful no one was hurt.

"The rest of it is just stuff," they said. "We are thankful no one was harmed and the animals weren't harmed."

The Huntersville Police Department is requesting the public's assistance in identifying the suspect-- who fled the area in a red, four-door car. It's possibly a Chrysler Sebring or a similar vehicle.

Anyone with information should contact the Huntersville Police Department at 704-464-5400.