Man with gun seen breaking into cars in Mount Holly

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More neighbors in the Kendrick Farm neighborhood of Mt. Holly tell FOX 46 Charlotte they are finding video of a man accused of breaking into cars early Monday morning.

Neighbors say it's one thing to break into cars, but it's another to also be carrying a gun, and they're warning the suspect that he shouldn't come back.

"He would be an idiot because everyone is looking for him and everyone is talking about how they are all getting cameras now," said neighbor, Sheree Nembhard.

More than a dozen people living in the Kendrick Farm neighborhood say the same man rummaged through their vehicles early Monday morning. Security video from one home showed him tugging on car doors while also holding a gun.

"Why did he take the gun out in that scenario? Makes you wonder did someone startle him or something like that? What were his actual plans to do with it," said Gena Zimmerman.

Zimmerman checked her security camera and sure enough, the same man was seen wandering through her front yard.

"I actually pulled that one up and saw someone walking in my yard and was like 'oh my gosh, someone tried to break in the cars,' because you could very clearly see him walking from one side of the house to the other and pulling the handles," said Zimmerman.

He didn't get inside Zimmerman's car, but her neighbor wasn't so lucky.

"He went through everything, my glove compartment was open," said Nembhard.

Nembhard can't find anything missing from her car. The man's picture and video is now the talk of the neighborhood, leading neighbors to believe justice will be served.

"There is very clear view of his face on the video. I am pretty sure they will catch him," said Nembhard.

Neighbors tell FOX 46 Charlotte that police have been notified and are currently investigating. Anyone who recognizes the man should call Mt. Holly Police.