Manager seen assaulting robbery suspect in video fired, employees say

A beauty supply shop manager has been fired after cell phone video appears to show him assaulting a woman accused of stealing from the store, officials said.

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, officers responded to a strong-arm robbery from the MISSHA Beauty Supply Shop. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the store manager, Sung Lim. 

Officers confirmed that a black female, described as approximately 25-years-old and wearing a pink hoodie and black leggings, entered the store and concealed merchandise. The woman attempted to leave the store, but the shop manager blocked the exit and asked the woman to show him what was in her bag since the alarm had gone off. The woman refused and a struggle ensued.

Surveillance footage shows the manager and another employee wrestle the woman to the ground and put her in a choke-hold as security is heard on the phone with police. More than 30 seconds pass before he releases her. 

Customers who filmed the assault are heard telling the manager to let the woman go as he is seen twisting her arm behind her back. 

"We are redirecting our dollars to black owned beauty stores," a resident explained to FOX 46 Charlotte. 

People have been holding signs and boycotting the business all weekend. The manager in the video said he wants to apologize but can't find the woman. 

"I don't know what, it just happened. I was a little crazy. No matter the reason I feel sorry to her and to them," Lim said. 

Those rallying against the store said they don't condone stealing but said the situation should have been handled differently. 

"His responsibility to her as the manager of that store was to simply allow her to leave the store with the stolen property, if in fact she had stolen something. Then she would have been the criminal," a resident said. 

The woman was seen leaving the store and took off in a silver dodge sedan. 

At this time the suspect has not been identified or arrested. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. 

Sung Lim has not been charged.

Employees of MISSHA Beauty tell FOX 46 Charlotte that Lim has been let go. They went on to say that since the incident things have been thrown at the store and that they've received death threats.