Man's car riddled with bullets during deadly police shooting at Chester Walmart

A man says his car was left riddled with bullet holes after police shot and killed an alleged shoplifter outside Walmart. Now, the Chester man says he’s left to pay for the damages. 

“We got one right here, and one came out this way, and one of the bullets actually came out of the fender wheel,” Chris West told FOX 46 as he pointed out the holes left in his car from Saturday night. 

West’s wife was at work in Walmart when the chaos broke out.  According to police, a shoplifter, now identified as Ariane McCree, was shot and killed by one of their own. West says several bullets from that day hit his car.


“What I counted was eight,” he said. 

With the car so badly damaged and undividable, Chris is now asking who is responsible. 

“I called SLED and he said 'we aren't going to be responsible for it because we didn't necessarily do the shooting and we are just investigating the shooting.' He told me it would fall back on the city or fall back on Walmart," West said. 

While the investigation continues, West has filed a claim, but ultimately he's left unfulfilled. He believes the car is totaled.

“Knowing that vehicle is almost paid for and if I owe $4,300, I don't know what the value of the car is even though it has low mileage and in great shape, I am probably going to lose,” Chris said.

And with filing the claim, he's worried about the deductible he'll have to pay along with a possible insurance increase once his policy runs out in a couple of months. 

“I am just lost, I don’t know. I just don't know what direction I need to go. Either way, it is effecting my day-to-day.”