"March for Love" takes to Charlotte streets to help heal the Queen City

“Love, unity and compassion” is the message at this march.

“We're marching because we are disturbed that the KKK has a presence in charlotte now and that they are here and we know holocaust survivors, we know people that have been discriminated against by the KKK because of their color and we are fighting for equality,” Bonnie Wilson said.

The last few weekends, “Charlotte against Hate” has organized anti-Trump protest but with the news of a potential KKK march planned in North Carolina, they joined forces with other Charlotte organization fighting for peace

"This is not an anti- trump rally on any level. This is a march for love. This is about love casting out hate in our country and our city. It's really critical that we come together as a country and we find common ground across differences," Rabbi Judy Schindler said.

With all the recent unrest in the city of Charlotte, many say  something like this is needed to heal the Queen City.

“We are grieving at home with our families. The cracks in our city are deep and so i came here today to try and fill that with prayer and with love and with celebration and community," Dianne Bailey said.

"We felt this cause comes at a perfect moment. The hatred and vitriol being thrown around for this election, we need to look for the good in each other and understand that we have to work together," Dan Krodner said.

Marching to memorials of those who preached acceptance and leaving symbols of beauty and hope behind. They hope this march inspires people to say no to hate and divisiveness

"Unless we stop, listen to each other, we will become so polarized and so paralyzed that really protest will continue not only here but everywhere,” Rabbi Schindler said.