Marine Corp veterans gifted with new house by Purple Heart Homes

Purple Heart Homes continues to get results for our veterans. After years of planning and construction, the organization handed the keys to a brand new house over to two deserving Marine Corp veterans.

For Angela and Ben Cherico the Denver home they stood in front of on Thursday was everything they’d hoped for. The two Marine Corp veterans wanted a place where their daughter, Lilly, could just be a kid.

“Where we were in apartments, no real place to play, not too many kids to roam around with, so she's either stuck inside or she goes to school,” Ben said. 

FOX 46 covered this project from the start. From Purple Heart Homes literally pouring the foundation, to helping a family establish their own. Lilly already has new friends on Water Haven Trail. 

"They actually have a trampoline, and they have a tiny pool, but they're going to get a bigger pool.This is my room," she said. 

She couldn't wait to update us on her life.

"Remember in the like old, old house when I first met you? The fuzzy stairs and stuff?" she said to FOX 46's Morgan Frances. 

Lilly says the new house is totally different. 

"I think that we're going to stay here because I don't like it-- I love it here!" 
The new house has hardwood floors, a solar panel. Too many companies and volunteers to count worked to get results for this family.

Being the first home build since co-founder dale Beatty’s sudden death, his mom came out to see the legacy her son helped build.

"I think she enjoyed it, seeing what her son started and how it affects others," Ben said.

As the couple pays the mortgage on their new house, the money is funneled directly to a fund that will provide another veteran with a home, and FOX 46 got a chance to meet the next veteran whose life the organization is working to change. 

"You're saving lives. You're saving our lives. You saved mine," said Angela.