Marvin's mayoral race drawing finance questions

The Village of Marvin is seeing record-setting campaign contributions in its mayoral race.

Current mayor Joe Pollino is running against newcomer David Hoffman. Hoffman, who recently moved to Marvin, has raised more than $40,000 for a mayoral job that pays a mere $5,000 per year.

That $40,000 is more than the combined total each mayoral candidate in the history of Marvin has received.

Hoffman, a realtor, received campaign contributions from a number of fellow real estate agents -- amongst other friends, to reach his record total the local Board of Elections Director calls "unusual."

Pollino, has raised less than $1,000.

Marvin is one of the wealthiest areas in the Charlotte region. Pollino said it is 80 percent developed and the last remaining bit of land is very attractive to developers.

Many are concerned Hoffman's high budget could be tied to developer money, but he said this is purely a personal calling.

"You know I knew I would get criticism because they say realtors are in bed with developers, which I am not," Hoffman said. "...I want to keep Marvin beautiful for years to come."