Mayor Lyles visits frustrated homeowners dealing with flood damage

Nine days after a Charlotte neighborhood was hit with devastating rain and flood water, Mayor Vi Lyles and Mecklenburg County officials met with homeowners to survey the damage.

Right now, neighbors on Riverside Drive are furious. They feel like Duke Energy is responsible for much of their trouble, and they feel like they've been ignored to a certain extent. 

Duke is responsible for maintaining water levels around the area, and neighbors say because of them, the Catawba River swelled over into their neighborhood, and they were given no warning. 

Dumpsters are now lining the street. Tire tracks in the mud have hardened into mini ravines and people are working hard to get things clean up after the mess of water came through.

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Some neighbors say they’ve lost everything, and after days of dirt, mud and no air conditioning in hot, humid weather, they’re getting fed up, but it wasn't until Tuesday that Mecklenburg County brought in its Mobile Command Post and Mayor Lyles came out to see the decimated homes.

“It's kind of late in the game, if you want to call this a game,” said homeowner Robert Brown Jr. “It's not a game to us. We live here,”

Aside from police officers and the fire department, this was the first time neighbors felt heard, and they had a lot of questions.

“How come we haven't heard anything from Duke? And how did it come up so fast and nobody had any notice, any warning?” one homeowner asked.

Another said to Mayor Lyles, “we're going to rally, and we're going to rally to Duke too, and I want them to know that, and that needs to be on the news. They need to know that we're coming after them for answers, big time,”

A city official took notes early in the conversation, the list of questions and needs was at 12 bullet points and counting. But why all of this now?

“We heard that she hadn't heard about the flood until yesterday,” Brown told FOX 46

That's what countless homeowners along the road told FOX 46. We pressed for answers asking Mayor Lyles if she just heard about the street flooding on Monday.

“No,” she answered. “The flooding was reported by many of the news stations and media outlets.”

Mayor Lyles did say they submitted an emergency declaration to the governor and hopes to get that approved in the next several days.