Mayor Roberts: Charlotte council will not repeal ordinance at Monday meeting

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The Charlotte Chamber along with hospitality and tourism officials are asking  the City of Charlotte to repeal the LGBT ordinance and for Governor Pat McCrory and state lawmakers to repeal the law.

According to the Charlotte Observer, North Carolina has lost hundreds of millions of dollars to its economy since the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act was signed into law, including the ACC championship game in Charlotte and the the NBA All-Star game.

Governor Pat McCrory's office announced Friday that he would call lawmakers into a special session this week to repeal HB2, only if the Charlotte City Council drops the non-discrimination ordinance.

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The council is set to meet Monday, but the item is not on the zoning meeting agenda. Interim City Manager Ron Kimble or Mayor Jennifer Roberts could place it on the agenda.

Mayor Roberts released the following statement Monday morning:

“The City of Charlotte continues its commitment to be a welcoming community that honors and respects all people. We appreciate the state wanting to find a solution to the challenges we are facing and applaud the governor for recognizing the state should overturn HB2, which the state can do at any time without any action from the City of Charlotte. We are not prepared to add this item to our agenda this evening, however, we urge the state to take action as soon as possible and encourage continued dialogue with the broader community.”

During a press conference on Monday, the Human Rights Campaign of North Carolina and Equality NC stated that the announcement had more to do with politics then correcting a mistake. 

 Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC speak on HB2 at government center in Charlotte.

The Charlotte Chamber released the following statement regarding HB2: 

"The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce embraces and promotes diversity, inclusiveness and equality as important values of our city. We oppose discrimination in all forms. 

We applaud and support the intentions of the Charlotte City Council to extend nondiscrimination protections to the LGBT community, but are disappointed that the Council has not acted in response to the call for action from legislative leaders.

Since the state's passage of HB2 in response to the city's passage of its nondiscrimination ordinance, we have worked tirelessly to find a constructive solution to the substantial economic and brand damage that has been done to our city and state.  

We believe the solutions we have proposed would have allowed for both sides in this debate to remain true to their intentions and convictions, but would have recognized that the unintended consequences have created damage and harm that needs to be addressed. 

We continue to call on leaders at the city and state to act and specifically request that the North Carolina General Assembly move to repeal HB2 as quickly as possible.

We have previously and will continue to encourage the North Carolina General Assembly to allow municipalities in North Carolina the ability to extend protections to the LGBT community beyond the state’s standard."

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