Mayor Vi Lyles credits CMPD after Thursday's ambush

Mayor Vi Lyles crediting CMPD Saturday afternoon on how they handled a tense situation Thursday night when Jonathan Bennett  ambushed and opened fire on officers at CMPD headquarters.

"I want to say so much about the conduct of CMPD and the courageous behavior of Officer Shue," said Mayor Lyles.  

Bennett killed the mother of their child in west charlotte Thursday afternoon before being shot and killed by police that night. 

Last year around quarter of the city's homicides were domestic related. Mayor Lyles says that remains an important issue the city needs to address. 

"We're going to look at domestic violence differently. What makes this happen and how can we step up and that means that entire community - the neighbors that saw what was going on, what did we do, how could we have done better," said Lyles.

On Friday evening, CMPD announcing a new protocol entering the building. Now the main doors will be locked and you can only enter with a key card or buzzed in by an officer. 

"I know we are going to make our headquarters more safe and that's because people have to come into a police department and feel secure and the chief has addressed that immediately," said Lyles. 

Despite the new security measures, CMPD says headquarters will still be able to be accessed 24 hours a day.