Mayoral candidate vows to "Arrest Homosexuals"

A candidate for Mayor of Kings Mountain -- a city located just 30 minutes from Charlotte -- is vowing to keep homosexuals away, if elected.

"I will force the D.A. to take out warrants for anybody that proclaims 'I am Gay,'" Eugene "Sherlock" Holmes said.

The 78-year old Korean War Veteran said he is a member of the Church of God and said "There is no way that a queer could be saved." He believes sodomy laws are still active in North Carolina and wants all homosexuals arrested in Kings Mountain.

Local LGBT activists say those laws are dated.

"The Supreme Court struck down all the bans on sodomy across the United States and that left the law baseless," President of the Charlotte Business Guild Chad Turner said.

Still, Holmes said, if elected -- he will do his best to keep homosexuals out of city hall positions. This is possible if some states, unless cities have specific notices written otherwise. 

"In over 30 states you can still be terminated for being LGBT," Turner said.

Holmes is one of four candidates running. The current mayor, Rick Murphey, is currently serving his sixth term.

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