McCready says voters are victims in NC09 election

Democratic candidate Dan McCready says the voters are the victims in the 9th congressional district election investigation. 

Q: "Do you think anything was done illegally?"

A: "Oh absolutely, I don't think there's any question at this point."

McCready says voters had their votes stolen during the 2018 election. His opponent, Republican candidate Mark Harris, says he hired Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., who is being investigated for allegations of running an illegal absentee ballot operation in Bladen County.

Q: "If you think there was wrongdoing, why are you not outright calling for a new election?"

A: "I don't think that's my role, the State Board of Elections they have a statute to look to and it's their job to determine if the election is tainted."

Harris leads McCready leads McCready by 905 votes. Harris has said he's done nothing illegal and has sued to have the election results certified.

Q: "This is under investigation now, if it turns out at the end of the day after this investigation is over that nothing was done illegally or it can't be proven, would you concede?"

A: "Oh absolutely my focus all along has been in calling for an investigation."

A hearing on Harris' petition is expected Jan. 22 in Raleigh, NC.