McCready will run in District 9 again, election date still unknown

24 hours after the state announced a new election for District 9, the first candidate is stepping forward to throw his hat in the race. 

It came as no surprise to supporters in Waxhaw when Dan McCready announced at a local brewery that he will run again. 

"What can I say? It looks like we are getting a new election,” McCready said to his supporters.

What sounded more like a victory speech, quickly turned to the announcement.

"I am running in the special election to represent the people of the 9th district,” said McCready.

So far McCready is the first to announce he will run.

The State Board of Elections unanimously voted to hold a new election in District 9 after ballot fraud.

After four days of hearings in Raleigh, Mark Harris called for a new race, telling the board he struggled to remember back to election season because previous illness and two strokes.

Some democrats say Harris shouldn’t run again.

"I think being on the ballot he certainly is going to have to ask for forgiveness from the voters. We live in a democracy and this is a question for the voters to decide,” said McCready.

McCready's own campaign has a long road ahead. No date has been set for the new election and it's unknown what the ballot will look like.

No matter Republican or Democrat, every person in District 9 will not have representation in Washington until a new election is held.

Late Friday afternoon President Trump also commented on District 9 saying he condemns any type of election fraud.