McCrory Reacts to Criticism of His Role in I-77 Toll Lane Controversy

One day after Charlotte City Council gave the green light for the controversial I-77 toll lane project to move forward, Governor Pat McCrory is reacting to criticism over his role in the plan.

The governor asked the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization or CRTPO to take a vote on the project, which opponents say does not address growth in the area.

Some area representatives feel the governor shirked his decision-making responsibility on a divisive issue, but McCrory, Charlotte's former mayor, says it's part of the process. McCrory said, “When I was mayor, I was pleased when the state of North Carolina would allow me to make decisions, and that's exactly what I want. I want the local officials to determine their transportation policy for the future.”

The governor says he's willing to take a look at concerns over the contract for the toll lane project. McCrory said, “If there are improvements that we can make in the contract, I’ll take those recommendations from the local area and attempt to renegotiate those specific areas that are being presented as concerns in the contract.”

Some aren't buying it, saying they've brought up the issues in the past, and they haven't been addressed.