Meck County Sheriff, Cornelius leaders to meet after speeding crackdown in 'wealthy' neighborhood

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden tells FOX 46 Charlotte he will go back to Cornelius to meet with town leaders. It comes after a tense meeting at Monday’s town council meeting over a speeding operation.

Deputies authority to pass out speeding tickets cannot be questioned but Cornelius leaders did raise an eye brow to the timing and size of the operation when Mecklenburg deputies handed out 23 tickets in just two hours over All Star Weekend.

Now he says all is well between the two agencies but deputies are going to be more visible moving forward.

“Is it really about this? Or is it about privilege?” McFadden questioned Monday night. “It's about privilege. It’s an African-American sheriff making differences in this city and county.”

Mecklenburg County Sheriff says his fiery questions sparked more conversation with Cornelius leaders after a tense town meeting.

“We want to educate each other what the Sheriff’s Office does, will continue to do, and will be doing.”

The conflict stems for a speeding crackdown on Jetton Road in February.

“We do this to make sure people are safe,” said Deputy Chief Rodney Collins. “They have a responsibility and a duty when they see something dangerous to act.”

Town leaders summoned the Sheriff to question why a dozen deputies conducted the operation in a wealthy section of Cornelius during a busy All Star Weekend in Uptown Charlotte.

“I wasn't welcomed here,” said McFadden on Monday night. “I was brought here so you can ask me questions tonight, but I’m still not mad, you know why? Because I have to serve each and every one of you.”

Deputies say this speeding crackdown and their presence in Cornelius is nothing new, but the new Sheriff pledges you will see more of his deputies.

“We are more visible now under my leadership.”

The Sheriff’s Office says they contacted the Cornelius Police Department about the operation and they will be conducting more speeding crack downs throughout the county.