Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff's Office recycling bullet-proof vests

They served and protected, and now, they have served their purpose. The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office is in the process of recycling their Kevlar bullet-proof vests.

It's the only option since the vests themselves need to be replaced after 5 years of use.

And the material the vests are made of  Kevlar is non-biodegradable. That's one reason they can't be disposed of at the landfill. The other reason, they don’t want the used bulletproof vests to get into the hands of criminals.

When they get recycled  the company then uses the material to make tires and other items. A process the Sheriffs Office says is logical.

And with more than 300 vests ready to be sent to the company to be recycled they say this process is two-fold. They're keeping the environment safe and keeping their deputies safe.