Mecklenburg County requests +$2 million for cyber security programs

Mecklenburg County IT is requesting more than $2 million for cyber security programs for fiscal year 2018. 

County officials tweeted Tuesday night that Security First Funding requested $2,307,000. That money would go towards policies.prevention, security operations, monitoring response, network policies, applications, and data.

County officials previously told FOX 46 that these costs would be evaluated and a decision would be made in June. 

This plan for prevention is in response to a "ransomware attack" that targeted 48 county servers by international hackers last December. Hackers gained access after a Meckleburg County employee clicked on a phishing email that ultimately infected the servers.

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County officials decided not to pay the hacker's ransom of $23,000 in bitcoin. It took officials roughly six weeks to rebuild the 48 infected servers from back-up data. 

The attack is believed to have come from Iran or Ukraine.