Member of Band Playing during Paris Attack a UGA Grad

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The family of an Atlanta man who survived the attack on a Paris theater describes his ordeal to FOX 5.

Julian Dorio, who graduated from Atlanta's Westminster High School and the University of Georgia, called his family after he fled the Bataclan theater where gunmen opened fire.

His older brother, Michael Dorio, spoke to FOX 5 over the phone and described how Julian survived; he was on stage playing drums for the band Eagles of Death Metal when gunshots rang out. 

"He said they were playing six songs into the set when he heard the gunfire- multiple machine guns. And instinctively hit the stage, hit the ground. [He] went backstage out the back of the club, down the street as fast as they could and went to the police station," Dorio said. 

"The lights on stage were really bright. They only heard the gunfire and knew it was gunfire and fled," Dorio said.

Dorio said his brother Julian's wife is in Nashville, as well as their parents. Julian called each of them to let them know he was okay, and had to borrow a man's cell phone at the police station; he had left his personal cell phone on the stage of the Bataclan.

Dorio said Julian is a member of Athens-based band The Whigs, and as they were on a tour break, decided to play drums for Eagles of Death Metal on their European tour.



Not all members of the band and crew have been accounted for, according to the Twitter account of the Eagles of Death Metal:

"We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew. Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation."

 Julian Dorio has been posting pictures to his Instagram account of his tour in Europe.


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