Memorial for dead cyclist damaged in yet another crash

A memorial for a dead cyclist was hit and damaged at the same intersection where the cyclist's death happened.

Cyclist Alfred Gorman was killed at the intersection of Parkwood Avenue and Hawthorne Lane on Sept. 13 when two cars collided, one running into Gorman.

A "ghost bike" was placed at the intersection to pay respect to Gorman and a second accident crushed parts of the memorial bike in early October.

People living in the area say a car was making a U-turn on Parkwood and did not have enough space to complete the turn -- that's when a car coming down the opposite end of Parkwood swerved off the side of the road to avoid the other vehicle.

The driver swerving ended up taking out the "ghost bike" and a cross-walk sign, according to people living nearby.

Community members are now asking C-DOT to take a close look at the intersection, specifically, if U-turns should be allowed with such little room to work.

"We've got to make this place safe for driver, pedestrians and cyclists," neighborhood member Dianna Ward said.

Ward also wants C-DOT to take a look at putting in a delayed cross-walk signal  that will give time for pedestrians to cross and have traffic stop at each end.

"We have some really, really bright people running our Department of Transportation," Ward said. "...I'd love for them to come out and study this area because I think once they see it and feel it...there is no way around it."

C-DOT has recorded 48 crashes since 2010 and 19 injuries at the Parkwood/Hawthorne intersection. It said the intersection is still under a safety evaluation from the deadly accident in September.