Memorial held for Hickory teen killed in murder-suicide

A memorial was held on Friday for  a 16-year-old killed in a murder-suicide. The 17-year-old shooter then turned the gun on himself, and a three-year-old girl was also injured in the incident.

Grieving friends and family gathered at the site of a shooting where the three young lives were impacted forever. 

“When I got up there, I see them putting my baby in the car,” mom Sylvia Baker said. 

She was in despair as she saw her son being rushed to the hospital. 

“I was outside and I heard the gunshots. I was in the back."  

Baker ran over to the Blue Ridge Heights apartments in Hickory. She was panicked when she got to the hospital and found out her son 16-year-old Devin Lee had been shot.

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“When I got to the hospital, they wouldn't let me in. He was fighting he was brain dead, but his pulse kept coming back on its own, and then there just nothing they could do after so long.” 

Baker says her son's accused killer,17-year-old Zamare Davidson is also a family member. Davidson killed himself after he shot Lee and injured a three-year-old little girl, Aleeya, who was outside playing at the apartments according to police. 

“Like right here, I felt a pebble on the right side,” Lula Flowers said.

Flowers says she was grazed in the back when bullets started flying in the apartment parking lot. There are bullet holes in one of the cars at the complex.

“A bunch of shots ring out, and it was that ‘pow, pow,’ and then I felt a pebble and I was hoping Lord, God I hope I ain't shot,” said Flowers. 

Sylvia says she has forgiven Davidson, and wants his mother to know she's not angry. 

“Just keep praying, because I gave up praying because I lost my kid's father eight months ago, so I didn't pray to God. I didn't stop believing, I just didn't pray,” Baker said.