Merry Christmas: Katy won't be politically correct

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The City of Katy is casting aside political correctness get into the traditional Christmas spirit. Katy's Mayor Fabol Hughes tells FOX 26, Christmas has meaning for Christians, and it's time to celebrate it.

"I don't buy Christmas cards to say Happy Holidays," Hughes said, being interviewed at Snappy's Cafe & Grill Monday. "That just rubs me the wrong way."

Katy has already started decorating with bows and wreaths, but the decorations are not finished. Hughes says he's put the word out to his department heads to look for ways to decorate with the words "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Hanukah."

"Were going to make a statement and say Merry Christmas," Hughes said. "Wherever we can project that in the city, were going to do that."

But even after Christmas and Hanukah, Katy's statement will continue. Hughes says Katy's emergency vehicles, including police, fire and ambulances, will all soon have decals saying "In God We Trust."

"We're tired of our country going in the wrong direction. We have to get back to the godly values this county was established on."

Hughes says his decision is supported by members of his city council.

"I polled each one of my councilmen over the weekend," Hughes told Fox26, "and they said it was about time."

Gary Jones was one of them.

"I said it's about time we go back and celebrate where we came from," Jones said.

Katy will become the second city in the state to put "In God We Trust" on its emergency vehicles. Childress, in the Texas panhandle, was first to do it in September. Since that time Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has weighed in on the issue, saying passive use of the national motto is consistent with the U.S. Constitution.

Paxton's opinion on this may not stop people from opposing Hughes' decision, but Hughes says he's ready for that.

"I'll pray for them," Hughes says. "I really don't care what their opinion is."

Hughes said he was prepared to pay for the decals out of the city budget, but Katy's Fire Chief says the decals are being donated. They have been ordered already, and could start showing up on city vehicles within the week.