Miles from home, Charlotte Fire team risks own lives to help in Matthew aftermath

Rescue crews from Charlotte are risking their lives to save people who can’t get out after dangerous floodwaters poured into Pender County in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

“Our deputy chief called and asked if I could deploy for five days on Saturday and we’re set to be back on Friday,” said John Harding, Charlotte Fire Battalion Chief. “I called my wife and just told her O would be gone. She’s been around it for 20 plus years. They call, we go.”

That strong sense of dedication gets the brave men and women of Charlotte Fire through whatever obstacle is set in front of them.

This obstacle: floodwaters, sometimes filled with dangerous toxins, like fuel and even sewage.

“You just see people’s livelihood gone because of the water. For me, that’s just bad.”

Thankfully the Charlotte team hasn’t had to deal with any fatalities, but other crews in eastern North Carolina have.

It’s a reminder that this job isn’t easy.

They’re here, miles from home to help those in need.