Millions of Atrium Health records accessed in hack

The data for about 2.65 million Atrium Health patients was accessed by an unauthorized user on Tuesday, according to Atrium officials. 

Officials are investigating the data breach, and want to emphasize that the that information was accessed, but not downloaded. Forensics reports indicate that the hacker was not able to actually remove the files. B

"But, the fact that even one record was accessed is one too many. Our patients expect us to keep all of their information private, which is why we took action so quickly," Chris Berger, AVP of Corporate Communications for Atrium said in a statement. 

Officials say they are monitoring the situation closely, and they have notified the patients and guarantors who may have been impacted by the incident.

"We take cyber security very seriously, and we’ve worked very hard to determine exactly what happened, and how to prevent it from happening again," Berger said.