Miss NC Reacts to Mis-crowning at Miss Universe Pageant

Former Miss North Carolina, Katherine Southard was at a loss for words, when she watched the mis-crowning of Miss Universe Sunday night.

Southard said, “I do think there is comfort in knowing that the right person won score wise, but you can never get that crowning moment back."

Southard has been competing in pageants for many years and has won Miss North Carolina in 2009 and was the runner up another year. She said she knows exactly what both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines were going through. 

Southard said, "There's so much build up, so much time and focus, these girls have worked for their lifetime - you go from the high of being Miss Universe, to being runner up."

The woman who helped coach Southard to success was also at a loss for words, when she watched the pageant from her living room in Mount Holly.

Carol Featherstone has coached young ladies in the Miss America system and has also served as a judge. She couldn’t believe no one stepped in to help save the situation. Featherstone said, “I can’t believe no one from the Miss Universe system stepped in, to help.”

Featherstone said these girls spend months, and even years preparing for the moment they step on the stage, and if they are lucky enough to make it to the final, and win, it’s a moment that can never be recreated.